Bicycle Action Committee (BAC) Meeting on Tues. Oct.1st

The Bicycle Action Committee (BAC) will meet on October 1st and are inviting those interested in becoming involved to attend. The BAC advocates for cycling infrastructure in Cobourg, and develops new cycling initiatives. Just a few of the achievements of the BAC have included:

  • Advocating for bicycle lanes and add Share the Road signage
  • Creation of the fabulous Cycle Transitions
  • Development of the CanBike program in our community
  • Assisted in the development of the county’s Master Cycling Plan
  • Creation of Cobourg’s Bike Week
  • Organization of the annual Bike for the Planet event

And best of all, for those who don’t know it—the concept and initial development of our very own Northumberland Hills Cycling Club originated at the BAC and many of our club members are also BAC members.

So here’s the scoop:

Time: 7:00pm
Meeting location: Cycle Transitions
BAC Chair: Bruce Bellaire
Membership information: The BAC is a sub-committee of Sustainable Cobourg, so membership to Sustainable Cobourg would be required. Membership cost is $20 annually.

Got questions? Use the comment feature and you’re sure to get answers among our membership.

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  1. Since people new to Sustainable Cobourg will be joining in October, the pro-rated rate for the remainder of 2013 will be $5.

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