Small change of plan for New Year’s Day

Change of plan for tomorrow’s Ride & Potluck—Randy says the ice on the road is just too darn dangerous out there to even attempt to ride a bike. Instead, we are going to do a 5k New Year’s Day walk. So, leave the bikes at home, come for the walk and potluck. Let us know if you’re coming! If you need Randy’s address, email us.


  1. Yay! A walk! I can definitely do a walk! I’ll be there, looking like the Michelin Man, all bundled up against the cold. What time do we arrive at Randy’s?

  2. Wise decision. I wish I could join you but we are in Toronto for NYE and taking my mom out for lunch on New Year’s Day. Dress warmly and have a great walk!

    • Happy New Years Paul and Jill, hope you get over your cold quickly. I’m sure you have more travelling to do.

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