Monday May 5th: Level 1 Ride, 6:30pm

NHCC Level 1 first ride

Last year’s first ride of the season

Finally! Our first Level 1 ride of the year is set to take place on Monday and will signify the “official” start of our cycling season. We’ll start with some basics: rules of the road, introduction to riding in a group, and we’ll also be there to answer any of your questions about how the NHCC works. We’ll take it really easy, cruising around, getting a feel for riding together on the road.

This year there may be a lot of new members unfamiliar with how it all works—we’d really love to see some of you experienced riders come out, meet and welcome our new NHCC’ers, and share the “fun, fitness, and friendship” part of our club motto.

Notes: Helmets are mandatory. Please bring your membership card with you. If you mailed in your membership forms, your cards will be issued to you at the ride.

Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Difficulty: Level 1
Start location: South end of parking lot at industrial plaza (see map)
Ride Leaders: Maria Garrett

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