Pre-season club ride Sunday April 20th, 1:00pm

Tomorrow’s forecast: Sunshine! So if you aren’t still busy hunting for Easter eggs or preparing some big feast for family and friends we’re going to head out for a ride to Harwood and back during the warmest part of the day, the afternoon. We anticipate riding at an advanced pace suitable for experienced riders.

Note: The official season regular rides start in just two weeks at which time we will be posting rides for all the different ride Levels 1 to 4. (See the Calendar here). Until then, Pre-season rides are weather-dependent, do not formally have ride leaders, or conform to a standard start time and may be announced on short notice.

Start time: 1:00pm
Anticipated Level of Difficulty: Level 4
Route Map: Printable Route map with elevation chart or, if you are equipped with a GPS View the link on Ride with GPS (note that we start at Furnace St., not Precious Corners as the map indicates)
Start location: The Cobourg Memorial Rink on Furnace St.

How ’bout letting others know you are riding, by leaving a comment!


  1. Hi everyone. I would like to do this if people are willing. I figure it will be a bit easier that my ride to Hastings last Sunday. Got to love a wind shift, temperature drop and huge winds in the face on the return!
    Hope This Sunday is more gentle!

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