Sandy Flats Pancake Ride: Saturday April 12th

IMPORTANT: Due to weather forecast, this ride will take place on Saturday rather than the originally planned Sunday. ALSO: note that the start time in Centre was an error. We need folks ready to ride in Centreton between 10:30 and 10:45.


Usually we get out for a pre-season pancake ride in March, but this year it’s been just a little too chilly. We are however, going to keep our fingers crossed for some nice weather. Being a “pre-season” ride means that it’s weather dependent. As always, keep your eye on the comments section to monitor what’s happening. Take a look at some photos from the 2012 ride!

We ride from Baltimore to Sandy Flat Sugar Bush, consume a few deliciously decadent pancakes and maple syrup then pedal home. With that sugar boost, you’ll forget all about those hills. The ride is about 60km and it’s not exactly flat, if you know what we mean. Newer riders may wish to start in Centreton rather than the Baltimore Community Centre to cut down the distance to about 30k. NOTE: If you decide to start in Centreton, be ready to ride as the group passes through–warmed-up riders will chill quickly if they they have to stop and wait.

Check out the route: Sandy Flats Breakfast route map

Date: Saturday April 12, 2014
Starting place (for the 60k): Baltimore Community Center (10:00am)
Starting in Centreton (30k): Main intersection (10:30-10:45, approx. Be ready to ride!)
Anticipated arrival at the Sugar Shack: 12:00-12:30pm

Bring a little money with you if you want to partake in breakfast (cost unknown). Location of Sandy Flat Sugar Bush map here

Please comment below if you are planning to ride. It’s nice for others to know that there will someone going, and they won’t be riding alone!


  1. Hi everyone,

    As a few of you know, I’ve been on Koh Samui (Thailand) since January (what a winter to be away!!) and will be back on the 24th of this month. I promise to bring back some warm weather. It’s 32C now and the low in the evenings is 24!!! I have been riding here occasionally – and look forward to my second season of riding with the Cycling Club.
    Have a great ride this weekend and enjoy the pancakes and maple syrup.


    Live, love, laugh and learn….

  2. Yeeeeeeaaaah! Our first ride! Luke and I are both riding. Luke will be riding his bike for the first time ever….he hasn’t even rode around the block on his new bike yet!

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