Sunday May 11th: Levels 3 and 4 Shelter Valley Ride

It’s showing 19 and sunshine in the forecast! It should be a most excellent day for a ride, if you aren’t busy with Mothers Day activities. Just like the Thursday ride, Levels 3 and 4 travel much of the same route, albeit at different speeds, but Level 4 has an extra 16k with a little more hilliness. The route may be modified somewhat based on what Thursday riders report about road conditions, but we’ll keep you posted.

Notes: All riders are expected to have the route map with them. The Level 3 group should remain together throughout the ride. Level 4 riders may ride faster and may break off into smaller groups according to desired speed. Helmets are mandatory—they just are! Be sure to have the necessary items to change a flat tire. That means a pump, a spare tire, a patch kit and tire levers.

If you ride with level 4 and find it a little too fast, you can always just hang back and wait for the Level 3 group then ride with them.
Bring your membership cards with you.

Time: 10:00am (Level 4) and 10:05 (Level 3)
Start Location: Donegan Park
Route Map (Level 4) 52km: Printable route map here or Link to Ride with GPS
Route Map (Level 3) 36km: Printable route map here or Link to Ride with GPS
Ride Leaders: Anita Macklin (Level 4) and Volunteer Needed (Level 3)

Anyone wanting to volunteer to lead the level 3 ride, please let us know!


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