Sunday, May 25th: Ride to Bewdley and Back

23C and Sunshine….what more could we ask for? The weather is promising! As we did Thursday, Levels 3 and 4 take the same route until Kennedy Rd where they take different turns, meeting up again on Cavan Rd. Level 3 riders are expected to stay together in a group, but each should carry a map. Level 4 riders may (or may not) remain together throughout the ride, but each rider is expected to be self-sufficient and able to navigate independently if necessary.

Start time: 10am
Start location: The arena on Furnace St.
Route Map (Level 3): 44km Printable route map
Route Map (Level 4): 59km Printable route map

Route Note: The start location is on Furnace St. at the Arena, not where shown on the map.

With all the sunshine in the forecast we anticipate a great turnout for this ride. 🙂


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