Thursday May 8th, Level 3 and 4 ride

At the moment it appears as though there could be rain….but if it holds off, the ride is on! Here’s the way it works: Thursday and Sunday rides are essentially the same route. You can ride one, the other, or both! Essentially, Levels 3 and 4 travel much of the same route but Level 4 goes an extra 16k by making a left on Lyle St. in Grafton and heading up toward Shelter Valley Rd., and Level 3 makes a right heading down into Grafton, cutting out distance and some hills.

Notes: All Level 3 and 4 riders are expected to have the route map with them in the event that there is no designated ride leader. The level 3 group is encouraged to remain together throughout the ride and watch each other ensuring that nobody gets dropped (left behind). Level 4 riders are typically self-sufficient, may ride faster and may break off into smaller groups according to speed. Helmets are mandatory. Flats happen, they really do! Everyone must carry a spare tube, and the necessary tools to change a flat tire, even if you don’t yet know how to change it yourself.

If you start out with level 4 but find it’s just too fast for you don’t fret. You can always drop back and wait for the Level 3 group to catch up and then ride with them.

Time: 10:00am (Level 4) and 10:05 (Level 3)
Start Location: Donegan Park
Route Map (Level 4) 52km: Printable route map here or Link to Ride with GPS
Route Map (Level 3) 36km: Printable route map here or Link to Ride with GPS
Ride Leaders: None (Level 4) and Volunteer Needed (Level 3)

Please use the commenting feature to let others know if you are planning to ride, and if any experienced riders are able to volunteer to lead the level 3 ride, please let us know!


  1. You might want to check out Massey Road. The lower part is still in bad shape after being regraded last year. I turned around and went up Hoskin instead…a bit more distance but pretty none-the-less.

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