Wednesday May 21, Level 2, 18km

This route is 18km in length. We will be meeting at “The Mill” golf course parking lot. This route is a few more hills than the route last week  but the down hill at the end makes up for it. Don’t worry about keeping up with the crowd—It’s a no-drop ride, we work together and support each other.

Notes: Helmets are mandatory. Please bring your membership card with you. If you mailed in your membership forms, your cards will be issued to you at the ride.
Start Time: 6:30pm
Start Location: The Mill parking lot. (Elgin and Ontario)
Ride Difficulty: Level 2
Route Map:  View the link on Ride with GPS
Ride leader: Mike McLellan


  1. Thanks for being so encouraging when I come out. I am enjoying your rides . Thanks for helping me get back into shape.

  2. I cycled this route on Tuesday morning. There is a lot of winter grit/sand on it, especially the the bike lane and paved shoulder on Ontario all the way to Dale. Cornish Hollow and Ball have many patches on them as well. Hope the county sweepers get busy soon.

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