Wednesday May 7th: Level 2 Ride, Cobourg

This route is 17k long and it won’t be too much of a killer. We start out small and add a little more distance each week as the season progresses, based on the developing needs of the group. Don’t worry about keeping up with the crowd—It’s a no-drop ride, we work together and support each other. If you aren’t sure which group you fit in best with, come out and give level 2 a try. If it’s too easy, then you can aim for a level 3 next time. Too hard, switch to level 1 the next week.

Your ride leader, Mike McLellan

Your ride leader,
Mike McLellan

Notes: Helmets are mandatory. Please bring your membership card with you. If you mailed in your membership forms, your cards will be issued to you at the ride.
Start Time: 7:00pm
Start Location: The park on Carlisle St. between Ewing and Westwood
Ride Difficulty: Level 2
Route Map: Printable route map with elevations or, View the link on Ride with GPS
Ride leader: Mike McLellan


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