Wednesday Port Hope Ride: May 14th

Join us for a nice meander through the beautiful country roads north of Port Hope. The evenings are perfect for riding these days and greening up of the rural area looks mighty fine from a bicycle. We won’t go too far or too fast and no one will be left behind. Should be fun!

Start time: 6:30
Start Location: Gilmer’s parking lot under the big sign
Level of Difficulty: Mixed levels
Ride Leader: Pamela Tate


  1. for the level 2 ride May 14 (weather permitting) with Mike… can we have 2 sections for this ride… ie a group at the front which wants to ride at a faster pace, and the second part of the group which rides at a more leisurely pace?

    many thanks

    • If you look at the description of level 2 rides it clearly says “the group stays together” perhaps you are ready for level 3?

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