Thursday June 26: 66k or 79k ride to Castleton and Beyond

If the weather cooperates we have a 66k or 79k ride planned. To make it 66 you would need to turn south in Castleton rather than north. If you think that’s still too long, take a look at the map on Ride with GPS and you can suggest alternatives to others who may want to go shorter.

As usual, the Level 3 group will be expected to ride together in a group and do the shorter (66k) distance. Level 4 will ride in groups according to ability. Riders in both levels should have a map and be self-sufficient in the event of a flat.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park
Route map: 79k printable route map or view it on Ride with GPS
Level of Difficulty: Level 3 (66k), Level 4 (79k)

Sooooo…’s your opportunity to let others know you are riding and how far you want to go. Leave a comment!


  1. Iif anyone is going to do the 79km route I will ride from home and do the route backwards from Mt Pleasant until I meet up with the group then ride along for a while.

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