Wednesday June 25: Level 2 ride, 20km

This week’s ride starts at the industrial park on Willmott Street. We will ride eastbound on Highway #2 to Gully Rd.  The top of Gully Rd. is the highest elevation point of this ride and then on it’s all downhill (well, mostly). The Gully Rd. Hill is a little steep, but it’s short and with a low gear and a slow pace you are sure to conquer it. There is an optional hill climb, Hill 60, near the end of this ride if The Gully just wasn’t big enough for you. We will all meet up again at Workman Rd, before heading back to the car park.

Start time: 6:30pm
Start location: Parking lot industrial park east end. Willmott and Dodge streets.
Route Map:Printable route map with elevations 
Difficulty: Level 2 (+ a smidgen)
Ride Leader: Mike Mclellan


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