Sunday August 3: “Hellacious Hilly Hundred” Century Ride

CANCELLED: due to a lousy weather forecast…again

It’s the long weekend Century Ride again! This one’s got hills and ain’t for the squeamish. And we might have lied a smidgen—it’s actually 104k. The second half is easier though, you’ll get a break as we take the Waterfront Trail. People say though, that it’s not as hard as the Rice Lake Century ride. It’s actually quite a pleasant ride, and we see some new scenery.

In Orono there’s a quaint little restaurant called the Firehall Bistro. Their menu seems to be pleasing to cyclists as we often hear about folks stopping in to grab a bite to eat.

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The arena parking lot on Furnace St.
Route map: “Hellacious Hilly 100k” printable route map here, or link to Ride with GPS

Please use the comment section below to get the conversation going about who’s riding, who’s planning to stop for a quick lunch break etc.


    • I should have also mentioned that I plan to stop in Orono for lunch. The last time I stopped at the Firehall they were very accommodating in providing water, etc.

  1. I am planning to go and Brigitte will probably meet me at the Firehall so we can have lunch together. Will it be Hell -Fire at the Firehall? Since it is Hellaciously Hilly?
    (Hope they actually have air conditioning:)

  2. Lets talk weather: Accuweather indicates very little chance of precipitation. Environment Canada says 40%chance. Radar shows rain almost the whole time, especially down near Clarington where we will be riding. Personal observation with my very own eyes seems to suggest rain is coming.

    Decisions, decisions…..

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