Sunday, July 27: Ride from Cobourg through Hope Township

In case you missed it on Thursday, we’ll do it again on Sunday. Two distances, so take your pick. Ride either distance at a Level 3 or a Level 4 pace, the only difference being that Level 3’s should ride together in a group and Level 4’s may (and usually do) start off in a group but typically break off into smaller groups according to pace.

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The arena on Furnace St. in Cobourg
48km Route map: Printable route map here or view it on Ride with GPS
65km Route map: Printable route map here or view it on Ride with GPS
Level of Difficulty: Level 3/4

Please leave a comment….people really appreciate knowing in advance that there’s someone heading their way at their pace, someone to chat with….someone to ride with you know….just sayin. 🙂


  1. Ok after the all level ride the other day I’m going to try the level 3 ride for the first time. Please be gentle! Confident about pace just not ridden quite so far for a while.

  2. Not sure if anyone will read this but as a newcomer not sure how to communicate with anyone! Struggled with the hills on this one and so at the peak of Vimy Ridge Road had to stop and then cut direct back to Port Hope and Cobourg. Waited 40 mins at start point for y’all but no one showed by 11:40 – guess you all went your separate ways. Sorry if I caused any delay and I promise to get some hill work in before I try level 3 again.
    Looking forward to the next ride. Allan.

    • Hey Allan,
      Happy to see that you at least gave level 3 a try. Typically, one doesn’t need to return to the start point upon ride completion because people often divert in different directions and head directly home at the end of club rides.

      By the way, this is the best way to communicate with other club members. 🙂

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