Sunday July 6: Ride starts at 9:00am

NOTE: Morning rides for July and August will begin at 9:00am.

Take your pick: either 37, 51k, or if you bike over to Port Hope from Cobourg it can be either 51 or 65k. In any case, the weather shows sunshine and nothing but for Sunday. You just can’t go wrong!

Start time: 9:00am (Port Hope Town Hall)
Start time: 8:30am (The Park on Carlisle Ave.)
Route map: “Cold Springs Canter” Printable route map here
Level of difficulty: Level 3/4

As usual, Level 3s are expected to ride together in a group and have maps with them, and Level 4 will break off into groups according to ability.

If you haven’t tried using the “comment” feature, why not give it a try? People really appreciate knowing others who will be riding and where they will start from. 🙂


  1. Dale road is under construction. Very soft shoulders and uneven pavement/gravel transition. No painted lines yet.

  2. I can’t make this one bit eventually I’ll pay my membership fees and come back to the fold. The Bickle Hill option on the map is the best for avoiding Dale but if you keep going straight across Williamson it will become Danforth once you cross Dale. Danforth is in the best shape I’ve ever seen it and the short rollers are easier than Bickle. From there it’s a very short trip down Burnham to Telephone. You can cruise back into PH along Telephone. Curse at Jamieson for me!


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