Thursday July 17: Ride to Newcastle and Back

There’s a lot of construction scheduled for local roads, so we’re going to play it safe and head west along the Waterfront Trail all the way to Newcastle where the Port of Newcastle is quite charming. This one’s isn’t terribly hilly, though it is rather uphillish on the way back. If you want to shorten the distance, just turn around at any point and come back because the route back is the same as the route there.

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall
Level of difficulty: Level 3 and Level 4
Route Map: 57k printable route map here or view it on Ride with GPS

If you’d like to bike over to Port Hope from Cobourg, leave a comment to let others know when and where to meet to travel over together. While you’re at it, why not leave a comment to let people know which group you would like to ride with (Level 3 or 4)?

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