Thursday July 3: “Cold Springs Canter” Ride (Port Hope, 9:00 start)

NOTE: Regular morning rides for the months of July and August start one hour earlier. The regular start time is now 9:00am.

This one is either 37 or 51k, and it’s one of the Freewheelers’ routes. If you want to stretch it out a little longer, start from Cobourg at the Park on Carlisle a half hour earlier then bike over to the Port Hope start location, adding an extra 14k round trip.

Start time: 9:00am (Port Hope Town Hall)
Start time: 8:30am (The Park on Carlisle Ave.)
Route map: Printable route map here
Level of difficulty: Level 3/4

Hey! We’ve got the “comment” feature for you to let others know you are riding. Seriously, it really helps when others know in advance who is going and where, so they can plan to ride with you, especially if you are planning to start in Cobourg. 🙂


  1. Sorry, I can’t do it because I am having George fit me for a new touring bike. Very exciting!

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