Century Rides: 50, 100 or 160k Ride Sunday Aug. 31

Ride ON! Radar seems to show we will escape the rain. See you all there!

We’ve all been waiting for this one…the Big Distance ride, supported by the NHCC. Choose your distance, make sure your bike is in good working order, and be ready to ride far! Although there will be no ride leaders, all levels are welcome to come out and give it a try. The route is easy and it’s flat. You are likely able to ride farther than you think without those hills.

Support: The NHCC provides a vehicle along the route and will be stationed at designated rest stops where you can grab some trail mix, fruit, water and/or gatorade. You are also welcome to place a few of your own items in the support vehicle prior to the start of the ride. The support vehicle is equipped to carry two bicycles if you find you need to be “rescued”. Keep in mind though, that the support vehicle will not return to the start until 160k riders have passed through the last rest stop.

The routes: All 3 distances depart from the Arena on Furnace St. The 100k and 160k riders go all the way to the lighthouse in Presqu’ile Park. The 100k riders then turn around and head back to Cobourg while the 160k riders proceed out of the Park too, but then do an additional 60k loop around the Lake Consecon area before heading back to Cobourg.

Preparation: It’s essential to have a tire changing kit with a spare tube, a little $$ in case you need something along the way, I.D., route map, and a PLAN. A plan includes having a phone number of someone to call in case you need it. If you think you want to stop for lunch somewhere along the way, start by leaving a comment to see if there are others planning the same.

It’s not about speed! It’s a long way to go, so plan to set aside your day for it, and ride at a comfortable pace. Buddy up with others who will be riding around your pace and distance.

Designated Rest Stops:
25k (for 50/100/160k): Lakeport Rd. (Turnaround point for the 50k riders)
57K (for 100/160k): Entrance to Presqu’ile Park
121k (for 160k): Entrance to Presqu’ile Park
142k (for 160k): Wicklow Beach

Start time: 9:00am
Start location: The Arena on Furnace St.
Route maps:
50k Printable route map here or view it at Ride with GPS
100k Printable route map here or view it at Ride with GPS
160k Printable route map here or link to Ride with GPS


  1. planning to ride. Maybe….the 160K but hope to be back in time for the Tune Your Ride concert in Port Hope at 6pm! He might be tight.

  2. Depending on weather and motivation will ride either 160 or 100 or 50:) The Tour de Northumberland Hills draw for the new LAS helmet will take place tomorrow!

  3. Okay folks…..weigh in please. The forecast says 40% chance of rain this morning. Do we ride,or postpone? Radar is sort of showing it might not rain on us. Leave a comment indicating what you want to do and we will make the call around 8:00am.

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