Monday August 18: Level 1 ride

Note that due to shorter days, the new start time is 6:00pm for Monday rides.
This time we start from the parking lot behind the Dutch Oven. Nice and central, so everyone can get there easily and perhaps get a few extra kilometres by riding to the start location. It’s important to remember that the Highway Traffic Act requires cyclists to have lights on both the front and rear of their bicycles as of 30 minutes prior to sunset. There’s a handy link in the right hand column of the website that you can refer to anytime to see exactly what time the sun sets on any given day.

Start time: 6:00pm
Start location: The parking lot behind the Dutch Oven on Albert St.
Lights required as of: 7:41 (Sunset is 8:11pm)
Ride Leader: Dennis Benson

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