Wednesday August 13: Port Hope Ride at 6:30pm

The days are definitely getting shorter. In fact, the sun sets 10 minutes earlier this Wednesday than it did last Wednesday. And we are definitely riding a bit longer….which means lights on our bikes are going to be required. Like last time, we’ll add a bit of distance along the Lakeshore as we ride westbound and back again. Your ride leader Pam may also throw in a few extra roads for some variety, you just never know….

By the way, did you know that not having lights on your bicycle (or reflective tape) starting 30 minutes before sunset and ending 30 minutes after sunrise can result in a fine of $20 under the Highway Traffic Act.

Start time: 6:30pm
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall
Lights required as of: 7:49pm
Ride Leader: Pamela Tate

Let Pam know you are riding…leave a comment. Heck, you can even let her know if you aren’t riding.

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