Wednesday August 6: Port Hope ride at 6:30pm

We’re going to start adding a bit of distance, heading out along the Lakeshore and back. Not too hilly but just as beautiful (once you get out there a bit) as our ‘regular’ route. Depending on the group, we may even shake things up a bit and throw in a few loops on other roads. Days are getting shorter, which means that lights will be required if you are still on the road after 30 minutes before sunset.

Start time: 6:30pm
Start location: Port Hope Town Hall
Lights required as of: 7:59pm
Ride Leader: Pamela Tate

Leave a comment, letting Pam know you plan to ride. It’s helpful for her to know so she can make suitable plans for additional loops etc.


  1. Hello, Just moved to Cobourg, had a left knee replacement about a year ago, what level is the ride,
    thanks all

    tim tafilica
    807 charles wilson pkwy(behind canadian tire)

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