Think you could be an Ride Leader? NHCC is looking for volunteers!

IMG_0504The strength and diversity of NHCC club rides depend on the commitment of volunteers. The NHCC is seeking interested ride leaders for the 2015 cycling season. The math is simple: The more ride leaders we have, the more rides the NHCC can offer. You do not need to be a super-fit cycling phenom, just a individual willing to plan routes and then show up and lead the way! For instance, you might be a level 2 rider and would like to see a ride some Saturday mornings. Why not be a Ride Leader and make it happen? Or maybe you are a Level 4 rider who’d love to tackle some crazy hills from time to time and take others with you.

You don’t have to be all experienced and confident (yet). Just leave it to us, we’ll get you ready to lead! Submit your name and once we have a few people, we’ll meet before the snow melts, go through some easy but fun training & orientation then start planning rides!

Complete the form below and let us know! (Don’t worry, there’s no commitment at this point….just an expression of interest)

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