NHCC Cycle-Safe Clinic: Tuesday May 5th, (2-hours)

The NHCC advocate for, and promotes cycling Safety for everyone. To get the season started right and to keep you safe on the roads, we strongly encourage riders of every skill level to participate this coming Tuesday night in our FREE NHCC Cycle-Safe Clinic. We’ll cover the basics of cycling safely, and examine cycling principles designed to prevent the unthinkable. All delivered by Can-Bike certified instructors.

(We will also be offering a comprehensive 5-evening NHCC Cycling Safety Course that begins on Tuesday May 19th, more details to come)

True: The cyclists at greatest risk may be those who have years of experience working against them. The ones who think they have nothing more to learn about cycling safety cuz they’ve been doing it all their lives.

The Cycle-Safe Clinic will cover essential safety principles and group riding techniques that will help build confidence in riding with a group and in traffic safely. You will be introduced to:

  • Cycling and the Law
  • Basic Bicycle Inspection
  • Traffic Cycling Principles
  • Where do you ride
  • Lane positioning
  • Intersections
  • Rules of the Road
  • Right and Left turns
  • Group Riding

This two hour clinic will comprise of demonstrations, off-bike simulations, and on-road practice (if time and weather permits). Bring your bikes and make sure that you dress appropriately for a little outdoorsiness. All levels of riders are encouraged to attend! It’s not about learning to ride a bike….it’s about riding it safely, protecting yourself and those in the group you are riding with.

Date: Tuesday, May 5th
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: FREE!
Location: Cycle Transitions parking lot, 739 D’Arcy St. Cobourg (behind the building)

If you simply can’t make it to the clinic, take a few minutes to review the following cycling safety videos:


  1. Hi All,

    Unfortunately cannot do this course as I’m currently unable to cycle having sprained my wrist whilst DIYing!

    In my quest to become a ride leader I had planned to do the series of 5 classes anyway so look forward to getting the info on this option. Hopefully I’ll be back in control of the bike by then!

    Regards Allan

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