New Ride Schedule for July and August: More rides!

The NHCC is fortunate enough to have new, enthusiastic volunteers who have recently completed the required safety course and are qualified to lead rides! In response to the recent survey and in order to best serve the needs of all skill levels we have established a new ride schedule for July – September. We’ll give it a try and see how it goes! As of Monday, July 6, the new Regular ride schedule will be in effect:

Monday Evening, Level 1:
 Maria Siemiaszko
Tuesday Evening, Level 2: Geoffrey Honey and/or Roberto Almeida
Wednesday Evening, Level 3: Mike McLellan
Thursday Evening, Level 4: George Hussey

Thursday and Sunday Mornings, Levels 3 and 4: Anita Macklin

Regular Level Rides: Weeknights are reserved for regular difficulty rides, meaning that they conform to the speed and difficulty as outlined in our new standards.

Plus (+) rides:  Plus (+) rides, (i.e. Level 1+  or Level 2+) are a little more difficult than the Regular level of difficulty and may occur periodically on other days & times outside of the regular schedule (i.e. Saturday).

Ride Standards and level of difficulty: We have clearly defined standards to expect in each of the ride levels so that participants know what to expect when they choose to join a ride.

Ride-LevelsTo see complete details about the level of difficulty to expect on any given ride, print out our Ride Standards right here for your reference.

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