Sandy Flats Pancake Ride: Sunday April 17, 2016


Now we’ve got something to get excited about! Sunday is forecasting 17C and SUNSHINE! And for the NHCC that means The Sandy Flats Pancake Ride! Pre-season rides are always weather dependent so if the weather suddenly turns nasty things could change. Take a look at some photos from past Pancake Rides! This can be a challenging ride—suitable for level 4, or strong level 3 riders. We can pretty much assure you that your legs will be sore after this 60k ride!

Here’s what we do: We start the ride in Baltimore, bike to Sandy Flat Sugar Bush, devour some scrumptious pancakes with maple syrup then pedal home again. There are plenty of hills to start the season off right, no flatness on this route. If you are a little squeamish about hills because your bike has been hidden in the garage all winter, you may wish to start in Centreton rather than the Baltimore Community Centre, reducing the distance to about 30k.

NOTE about starting in Centreton: If you are starting in Centreton, be sure to have your bike ready to go as soon as the group passes through—warmed-up riders can’t stop for more than a minute or two without chilling.

Route Map: Printable Map here or Link to it on Ride with GPS

Date: Sunday April 17, 2016
Ride Leader: Anita Macklin
Starting place (for the 60k): Baltimore Community Center (10:00am)
Starting in Centreton (30k): Main intersection (10:30-10:45, approx. Be ready to ride!)
Anticipated arrival at Sandy Flats: 12:00-ish

Bring a little $$moolah with you if you want to partake in breakfast.

Please let us know you are coming by leaving a comment below. Let us know where you plan to start from (Baltimore or Centreton).


  1. Yes!!
    Looking forward to meeting the group at the Baltimore 10:00
    The only thing I am looking forward to more is pancakes 😁
    FYI I didn’t get the email, heard it on the street.
    Can you see if I’m on the mailing list please?

    • Mike, to be on the mailing list you need to go to the website and “subscribe” to receive email notifications. It’s in the right hand column of the site.

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