The NHCC Cycling Season starts next Sunday—Stay informed!

Next Sunday, May 1st we’ll begin our official cycling season! In anticipation, we want to make sure that everyone stays informed. We recommend that you Subscribe to receive email notifications so that you’ll never miss a detail about everything we do at the NHCC! Each and every ride gets posted on our website including details about start time and location. In case you haven’t seen where to Subscribe, it’s located in the right hand column of the website. Details about next Sunday’s ride will be posted in the coming days.

Regular Evening Rides:
Ride leaders will accompany each of the regular evening rides and will work with the group to develop cycling skills and safe cycling practices. Individuals are not required to carry a route map.
Monday: Level 1
Tuesday: Level 2
Wednesday: Level 3
Thursday: Level 4

Weekday morning rides:
Morning rides during the week will be informal, organized by a ride leader who will meet the group at a designated location and time (usually 9 or 10am) and head out for a group ride where everyone travels together.

Sunday Mornings: Mixed Level Group Rides are longer rides with options for distance and speed on Sundays. Though a ride leader will be available at the start, riders will break off into smaller groups according to chosen distance and ability and ride independent of a ride leader. All riders must carry a map and tire-changing equipment in the event of a flat tire. All are required to travel in groups of no less than two so that nobody rides alone. Usually you can pair up with someone of similar ability at the ride start.

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