Sunday June 19: NHCC “Sharon Ingle” Memorial Ride (25-100km)

sharoningle-lrThis Sunday we honour a past NHCC club member Sharon Ingle who lost her fight to cancer at the end of 2013 riding season.

In June of 2013 Sharon sought support from the NHCC as she was still “Riding to Survive”, never planning to give up. She fully planned to become a CanBike instructor at the time of her passing. Sharon left a significant impact on those who met her and everyone admired her spirit and optimism.

Donations: We are asking Sunday’s participants to make a voluntary donation that the NHCC will forward along to this year’s Bike Up! Northumberland fundraiser  in support of Northumberland’s two hospitals.

The route: It’s a simple out-and-back along the Waterfront Trail Eastbound so there are no route maps or ride leaders needed. We will break into groups according to ability and everyone can ride as long (or short) as desired. Make it just 25k, or go all the way to Presqu’ile for a 100k return trip.

Start time: 10:00am
Start location: Donegan Park

Guest riders are welcome. Please leave a comment letting others know approximately what level of difficulty you wish to ride at (Levels 1 – 4). That way, others can plan to ride with you!


  1. I plan to go to Presqu’ile but I’ll ride from home and meet the group in Colborne – Keeler Centre by 11:00?

  2. Maria – the group isn’t leaving Done an park until 10am. Did you still want to start at 10am at the Keefer Center?

    • Not unless I want to go by myself, lol! Thanks Jim, I’ve changed it to 11:00 which is what I intended to say

    • We haven’t made formal lunch plans because some may not want to stop for an extended period of time, finding it difficult to get moving again so choose to carry trail mix etc. in their pockets. However, if you are riding at a nice slow comfortable pace and have time to spare you could plan a lunch stop at Dougalls on the Bay (613) 475-4142 (75 Harbour St. Brighton). They are located just outside of the Park and we’ve eaten there before and been happy with the food.

      Anyone else interested in stopping to each lunch? Use the comments feature to plan ahead with others.

  3. Randy and I will be riding, most likely the 100k. Probably won’t stop for lunch though. Trail mix and dried mangoes will be our food of choice!

  4. I have a race on Saturday but plan to ride to Presqu’ile and back… With the pack.
    I will be eating Fig Newtons and maybe a Rice Crispy square.

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