Sunday Sept. 24: 100km (or less) ride to Presquile

It’s here! The 100km ride is set to go on Sunday at 9:30am. We’ve got some beauty weather in store for y’all! 28c and nothing but sunshine & sunscreen! If you want to participate but don’t want to cover the whole distance you can turn around at the Community Centre in Colborne and make it 50km. Or, just come on out for whatever distance you want by turning around at any point along the way. People will be riding at a variety of pace…some fast, some slow.

If you plan on completing 100km, be sure to stash away a little trail mix or something else in your back pocket. We’ll ride there, ride back, maybe with a stop at the variety store in Colborne to load up on snacks, unless people plan among each other to stopover in Brighton for a bite to eat.

Just so others can plan, please leave a comment to let us know your planned distance.

AGM Tickets: While you are at it, why not bring $30 and pick up your AGM Tickets. We’ll have them available at the start of the ride. (AGM Date: Thursday Oct 19, 2017)

Start time: 9:30am
Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena on Furnace St.
Ride Coordinator: Anita Macklin

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25 Responses to Sunday Sept. 24: 100km (or less) ride to Presquile

  1. Carol Holt says:

    See you Saturday am😜 I’m planning to do the 100km ride, if i can manage th heatπŸ™ˆ

  2. Deena says:

    I will see you on Sunday for the full 100 km πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸš΄β€β™€οΈ

  3. Raff says:

    See ya Sunday for hopefully the 100k- like Carol, I am wondering how the heat will feel over that distance !

  4. Maria Siemiaszko says:

    For anyone who would like a warm up to Sunday there’s a group of us doing the L&A ride Saturday. Beer and food involved

  5. Ibou says:

    Maria, Saturday what time? From where? For how long?

    • Maria Siemiaszko says:

      Google Discover L&A Ride for all the info, but it begins at the MacKinnon Brothers Brewery outside of Bath at 10:00 (registration begins at 9:00). It’s $25 to register and is a 58km ride with stops at wineries and places of interest with some food and drinks along the way, ending back at the brewery for a beer and entertainment. Will probably take much of the day but I’ve heard it’s a really nice ride and a fun day!

  6. Ibou says:

    Ah, I see…Not for me but thanks…

  7. Mike Collins says:

    I thought this was set for Saturday 23rd or am I more misguided than usual?

    • RobertoA says:


      It was originally announced as weather dependent back in August for either Saturday or Sunday. Both days look great weather wise however the Sunday has been chosen.

      As it turns out there’s another ride on Saturday in Lennox Addington Counties (Bath) so choosing Sunday avoids a conflict for those going.

      Looking forward to seeing you and Freda out Sunday.

      Bread pudding at Lola’s awaits us. 😊


  8. Joanne says:

    I will be riding hopefully the full 100.

  9. Raff says:

    Hello all you Sunday Century Riders ! Carson has very kindly offered to be our support vehicle for Sunday’s hot and sweaty ride to Presqu’ile, and our lovely NHCC board has pitched in to offer some refreshments for the day . So, here’s the plan :

    – Carson will meet us at our launch spot Sunday morning where you can put items in the car you would like to see at Presqu’ile i.e. bathing suits and towels or food for refueling.

    – A few hours later (time TBC) Carson will meet us at a designated spot at Presqu’ile with a cooler filled with chilled Gatorade and Water to refill our bottles with. Clif and Lara and/or Nice bars will also be available for snacks. We don’t want anyone to perish in the heat !

    If you haven’t replied yet about participating , please leave a note here so we can make sure we have enough refreshments for everyone attending.

    Looking forward to a fun ride with y’all on Sunday !

  10. Carmelo says:

    Hoping for 100, will meet up with the group on the railway bridge just outside of town.

  11. Deanna says:

    I plan to ride the 100 if the heat doesn’t get me first.

  12. Tara Wilson says:

    Working on the logistics for my day Sunday. I have the ability to get my bike to the trailer today and could conceivably meet for in front of Jubalee Beach Park about 10 am. I’ll let someone know for sure by tonight whether you should expect me.

  13. Tara Wilson says:

    Also, Anita…if possible could you bring a ticket for me for the AGM?

    • RobertoA says:

      I’ll have a fresh packet of tickets Tara for anyone who wants to buy. I got two for you with the names Steve and Tara on them. 😊

  14. Dale Pierce says:

    I plan to ride.

  15. Dave singfield says:

    I plan to ride the 100. I will meet the group with Carmelo at the east end of town

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