Wed. Sept. 13; L3 -29km

We haven’t officially done Bickle Hill so far this year so it’s time!
Start point to Theater Rd., Telephone Rd., Hamilton Rd., Dale Rd., Theater Rd. Bickle Hill and home by Ontario.
Note earlier start time

Start Location: Parkette on Carlyle

Start Time: 5:45

Ride Leader: Roberto

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11 Responses to Wed. Sept. 13; L3 -29km

  1. Raff says:

    Ugh…Bickle ??? I’ll come packing my swear words . Let’s see if I can make it up more than 2/3 of the way this time !

  2. Allan Dennis says:

    I’ll be there! (… the start at any rate!) Allan

  3. Deena says:

    Will be there too. Not many more Bickle hill chances left this year so must grab them when we can. ha ha 😊

  4. Debbie Parks says:

    I’m working til 5pm so I’ll try and make it on time. If I don’t, just start without me and I’ll catch up on the route somewhere. Like AFTER Bickle Hill lol!

  5. Tara Wilson says:

    Hope to join….is Carlyle in Cobourg?

  6. Willy Hurl says:

    Planning to be there.

  7. Jereny says:

    I will join in on the Bickle fun.

  8. RobertoA says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there. If you’re new and wish to join the club please bring a completed membership form and 45$ fee. Otherwise a single guest ride requires a signed waiver form and $5.

    I will also have AGM tickets for sale for 30$.

  9. RobertoA says:

    Thanks to everyone who joined us last night. Ten brave souls determined to tackle the devil hill known as Bickle.

    Not an easy task and even if you had to stop for a quick rest it’s quite the accomplishment getting to the top from the west.

    Thanks also to the 3 members who bought an AGM ticket.

    • deb parks says:

      I’m sorry I missed the fun! I messed up the early start time. Creature of habit.
      Congrats to the mountain climbers. I did it backwards. Sooooo much easier

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