Sunday, November 19th: afternoon hike

We’ll hike up to the old fire tower then just take it from there for a couple of hours or so for a 10 to 12km hike. Last week we had a porcupine sighting, who knows what we’ll see this week?

Meeting Location: parking lot on 45 across from Morris Road (right side of road before Beagle Club road if you are coming from Cobourg)
Start Time: 1:00
Hike Coordinator: Maria Siemiaszko

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5 Responses to Sunday, November 19th: afternoon hike

  1. Tara Wilson says:

    I wish these started either earlier or later. I go to Yin Yoga at the Y from 1:30-3 🙁

  2. Maria Siemiaszko says:

    Definitely can’t start later as it’ll turn into a night hike before long 🌙. I was trying to not completely conflict with the Pine Ridge hiking schedule. If you’d like to lead an early hike I can post it for you if you send me the details.

  3. Deb says:

    I’ll be there

  4. Jim B says:

    It looks like a great day for a hike. See you at 1:00.

  5. Anita Macklin says:

    Since there are bears in the forest we’d best come along for your protection. 😃 See you all at 1:00. (Randy and Anita)

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