Tuesday, December 12th: Morning Hike

The hike this Tuesday morning will go in a northwest direction starting along the boardwalk.
Date: Tuesday, December 12th

Time: 9:30
Meeting Location: parking lot behind Craft Food House (coffee and social to take place there after hike)
Hike Leader: Roy Martin

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4 Responses to Tuesday, December 12th: Morning Hike

  1. Paul mills says:

    I plan to hike.

  2. Pam Tate says:

    Unfortunately I have to work. 🙁

  3. BruceB says:

    I’m planning to hike. Looks like there could be some wind. Dress for the windchill, not the thermometer!

  4. Doug Smith says:

    We plan to be there.
    Doug and Mary

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