Thursday, January 11th: morning cross country ski (hopefully!)

If it’s not raining (and fingers crossed that it won’t be) a cross country ski is in order! Right now it looks like the morning may be more favourable but if it turns out the afternoon looks more promising we can change that. Because of this, please comment whether you are interested and either click to receive other comments for this post or keep checking in to see what the final decision will be.

Time: 10:00 (but this may be adjusted according to the weather)
Meeting Location: parking lot at Beagle Club
Ski Organizer: Maria Siemiaszko


  1. If we go in the afternoon Bruce, what time works for you? Any time best for you too Raff? We’ll monitor the situation in the morning and fingers crossed that we can get out!

    • Seeing as “buy Ski Poles “ and “ try out skis “ are still on my list of TO-Do’s for the day , I think I should pass on today and work on getting more prepared before joining the group . Will follow the weekend thread to see if I can make it out to one of those events . Enjoy if you can get out today Maria !

  2. It’s currently not raining so I am going to head out for around 10 to check out the conditions. I will likely post for 1:00 ski times Saturday and Sunday

    • Thanks Maria. I won;t be able to make those times on the weekend but please let us know what conditions were like today.

      • The snow is heavy but there is plenty of it and it was amazing to feel warm breezes! I skied mostly along the fire roads and north of the North Fire Road for almost 2 1/2 hours. I’d still be out there if I didn’t want to take advantage od the weather to take my outdoor lighta down! Hope yoi get out and enjoy

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