Open Call for Ride Leaders for the 2018 Cycling Season

Here ya go folks, it’s your opportunity to make a difference! The strength and variety of our NHCC ride schedule is 100% reliant on our volunteers. We are looking for ride leaders for the 2018 cycling season. More leaders means more rides! What we want is to establish a pool of ride leaders for each level that coordinators can call upon to make sure that all rides are covered. New for 2018: Each of the ride levels has two scheduled ride nights per week this year!

We’ll train you. You don’t need to be super-fit or super-experienced. What makes you qualified? Being an NHCC member (of course)! And heck, just a willingness to help out a little, and have a little safety training under your belt (really, that part’s essential, but we’ll get you trained up with a few ride-leader-training days before the season gets underway). Even if you can lead just an occasional ride here and there, we’d be thrilled to have you lead. The proposed ride schedule for 2018 is as follows:

Monday evenings: Level 1, and Level 3
Tuesday evenings: Level 2, and Level 4
Wednesday evenings: Level 1, and Level 3
Thursday evenings: Level 2, and Level 4
Sundays: Varied ride levels
Weekday morning rides: Varied ride levels

You don’t need to be all skilled and confident yet—we’ll get you there! So, how about it? There’s no obligation at this point, we’re just seeking an expression of interest on your part! We’ll take it from there.

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8 Responses to Open Call for Ride Leaders for the 2018 Cycling Season

  1. Randy Albon says:

    Count me in Debbie.

  2. Rich Ross says:

    I can help out with some level 3, but I’d rather be a last min. call as I’ve got a pretty full race schedule. I’ll do what I can to help. 😊

  3. Janine Turk says:

    I would like to lead level 2 again for 2018 season

  4. Rick says:

    I will assist Level 1 and 2 rides as a last minute call up.

  5. BruceB says:

    Consider this an expression of interest for weekday morning rides.

  6. Mike Collins says:

    Expressing an interest here as well because my first burst of limitless enthusiasm didn’t show up. 1, 2, random mornings and weekends.

  7. Debbie Parks says:

    Thank you everyone. Keep that enthusiasm coming!

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