Tuesday, February 6th: Morning Hike

This week Bruce will lead the hike which will meet at the library. We’ll walk out to the Pebble Beach subdivision and back. On the way back the walk will be extended by going down to the lake, aiming for a total between 6 and 7 km.
Coffee afterwards at Craft.

Start Time: 9:30
Meeting Location: Cobourg Library parking lot
Distance: 6 to 7km
Hike Leader: Bruce Bellaire

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4 Responses to Tuesday, February 6th: Morning Hike

  1. Paul mills says:

    I plan to walk.

  2. Petra Hartwig says:

    I’ll join you

  3. Roy Martin says:

    I am out of town, so willn’t be there.

  4. Dennis Benson says:

    I plan to walk.

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