Level 3 Rides: Mon. April 30 and Wed. May 2

Meet your Ride Coordinator: Mike McLellan
Mike has coordinated the Level 3 ride program for a number of years now, and with his safety training and experience you’ll be in good hands! Mike coordinates and works with several level 3 leaders that you’ll meet as the season progresses. He’s been a member of the NHCC as long as we can remember!

What to Expect
Take a moment to review NHCC Ride Levels Explained in order to decide if this is the right ride for you. “Speed” refers to the average speed you should expect to maintain on flat ground.  Please be sure to bring your membership card with you and arrive in time to be ready to roll at the posted start time. Helmets are mandatory. If you haven’t received your membership card yet please inform your ride leader.

Monday April 30th, Level 3

This route is 26km long. This ride will depart from the arena on Furnace Street at 6:30 pm. We will head north to Baltimore (via Division/ Ferguson/ Racetrack) and then head back to Cobourg (via Nagle)

Ride leader: Allan Dennis
Start time: 6:30 pm
Route map: (26k) Baltimore and Back Printable route map or Link on Ride With GPS
Start location: Cobourg Memorial Arena, 206 Furnace St.

Wednesday May 2nd, Level 3

This route is  25km long. We will start out small and add a little more distance each week as the season progresses, based on the developing needs of the group. Don’t worry about keeping up with the crowd—It’s a no-drop ride, we will work together and support each other.

Ride leader: Mike McLellan
Start time: 6:30 pm
Route map: (25k) Cobourg West Printable route map or  Link on Ride with GPS
Start location: Westwood Park ( on Carlisle St.)


  1. HI All! Of course I’ll be there on Monday – I’m leading! Great that L3 gets to kick off the 2018 season. Gentle start with this well proven route. No military engineering or historical snippets this week – but they’re sure to creep back in as we progress. Looking forward to seeing all y’all again on Monday. Please do remember the essentials: helmet, water, lights, membership cards etc…. and of course your bike and all its wheels! I’ll also be riding on Wednesday. “The Old Sapper”.

  2. I plan on being there as well. Trying for both nights. So excited it’s bike season again! 🚴🏻😊

  3. Great turn out to our first level 3 ride of the riding season.

    13 riders if I counted correctly, including Arno Knopp our newest Level 3 member who is 81 years young and handled our route with amazing ease. Way to go Arno! 👍🏾

    The Sapper did hold back on military lingo in favour of a safety lesson but he promised this will be short lived.

    Looking forward to Wednesday already!

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