Sunday May 6: Special Event! Anniversary Ride & Burgers

The NHCC is celebrating seven years old! To mark the occasion we are having a Welcome/Anniversary Ride for all NHCC members followed by a BBQ afterward at Randy and Anita’s home on Smylie Rd. It’ll be a simple ride, out-and-back style (for a total of 90 minutes). This style of ride means that everyone rides at their own pace and everyone finishes at the same time. The NHCC will provide complimentary post-ride hamburgers (either beef or veggie) and other tasty things to enjoy while we lollygag around the yard and deck, hopefully enjoying some sunshine and time with friends both old and new. All members are welcome! If you can’t make it for the ride, you are welcome to come for the Burgers & Social portion that starts at noon.

The route will be suitable for all levels, from Level 1 to Level 4.

Date: Sunday May 6, 2018
Start time (Ride): 10:00am
Start time (BBQ): NOON
Start location: Smylie Rd. and Burnham St. (Park along Smylie Rd.)
Route map: not required, you’ll just follow the crowd!
RSVP (IMPORTANT): Please leave a comment or email us to let us know your preference for either beef or veggie burger, and let us know if you need the exact address:

The NHCCs 1st Anniversary Ride in 2012.

The NHCCs 1st Anniversary Ride in 2012.

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34 Responses to Sunday May 6: Special Event! Anniversary Ride & Burgers

  1. Debbie Parks says:

    I am looking forward to this along with the sunshine. Thank you for generously hosting Anita & Randy. Put me down for a veggie burger please and thank you.

  2. Maria Siemiaszko says:

    Happy 7th Anniversary to the club! 🚲 I’ll be there and please put me down for a veggie burger.

  3. Jen says:

    Wow time flies! Thanks for your generosity Randy and Anita! Please put me down for a meat burger. Looking forward to an amazing day🚴🏼‍♀️☀️

  4. Sharon Anderson and Mike Sonosky says:

    We have our calendars marked! We are both meat eaters. Looking forward to it.

  5. Tara Wilson says:

    Sadly i won’t be able to make it. Same day as my daughter final orchestra concert for the year. Hope you have great weather for it!

  6. Ursula Whalen says:

    Will be there, veggie for me please….ursula

  7. Petra says:

    Would have loved to participate, but I’m in Ottawa that weekend. Wishing everyone a good time.

  8. Allan Dennis says:

    Sorry Guys I’ll not be able to make – on the train heading West! Enjoy. Allan

  9. Raff Melito & Carson Jones says:

    Yeah ! BBQ ! 1 Veggie and 1 carnivore in our group. Thanks !

  10. richard Thompson says:

    I’m always up for bbq put me down for carnivorous burger

  11. Carol Holt says:

    Planning to join the group for the ride and lunch. Veggie burger would be great. Thx:)

  12. Deena jilesen says:

    Yeah! The start of another great season! I plan on being there. I will have a veggie burger please. Thanks for hosting this event Randy and Anita. 😊🚴🏻

  13. Tom Beattie says:

    I’m in. Hope my subscription has been received….oh and yes, meat please.

    • Debbie Parks says:

      Hi Tom,
      Your membership has been received. please let me know if you need the address for tomorrow

  14. Dave SIngfield says:

    Thanks Randy and Anita, what a great celebration. I’ll be there looking for a beef burger thanks. Don’t think I’ll be able to do too many miles though, so wont justify a big Mac.

  15. p.mills says:

    I plan to ride up from Trinity United leaving at 11 30.
    Beef burger please

  16. Freda and Mike says:

    Looking forward to this! One veggie burger and one beef burger please.

  17. Debbie Parks says:

    And….there will be club jerseys for sale. If interested, please bring cash or a cheque. Thank you.

  18. Dennis says:

    I plan to be there.

  19. Dennis says:

    Sorry, one beef burger please.

  20. Jennifer Bender says:

    Hi. I’m joining the club this week and I’d love to come to Sunday’s ride/BBQ. My preference is a beef burger. Thank you!
    I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and fellow cyclists!

  21. BrianH says:

    I plan to be there for the ride, and a beef burger would be great!

  22. BrianH says:

    I plan to be there for the ride, and a beef burger would be great!

  23. Shaun says:

    Shaun OReilly & Cheryl Kydd will gladly attend.
    2 veggie burgers will suffice. Who is in charge of the weather!?!

  24. Jack McKeown says:

    I can join the group as well and would enjoy the beef burger.

  25. Marianne says:

    Franco and I will come & both are reg burger if possible !

  26. James A Keill says:

    I hope to be there around 12:30 – 1pm

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