Friday May 18: Floater Ride at 10am

The “Floater Ride” is the weekly daytime ride, and for the time being it will be different days and times. This week it’s Friday morning. A great way to start the long weekend! We’ll start in Port Hope, head out along the Lakeshore for a ride, distance to be determined as we go. This is a mixed level ride so we generally have a little discussion at the start of the ride to establish how fast and how far people want to go. Better yet, leave a comment to let Randy and others know you are riding.

Start time: 10am
Ride Leader: Randy Albon
Level of difficulty: Mixed Levels
Start location: Kings Field in Port Hope


  1. Well since you wouldn’t tell me where that lovely bridge was that you took the pic of last week I guess I have to attend this week to see where the float might take us. Ha ha . Looking forward to it! 😊

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