Level 3 Rides – Monday May 28 and Wednesday May 30

Monday May 28
The Old Sapper (aka Allen Dennis) will be at it again leading the Level 3 group ride.
The weather forecast at this time doesn’t look promising but lets keep our fingers crossed.
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Start Location: Arena on Furnace Street
Ride Leader: Allan
Route: L3 APD Vimy Ridge 100
Distance: 36km

Wednesday May 30
We will head west on Highway #2 to Theatre Hill, north to Dale, north on McCelland (Baby Bickel), west on Bethel Grove/Concession Rd 5, South on Barrie Rd. to Sylvan Rd./Cranberry Rd. and Highway 2 home.

Please RSVP (so i can let them know how many for beer)
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Start Location: Parkette on Carlisle Street
Ride Leader: Mike
Route: 36 km North Port Hope
Distance: 36km

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16 Responses to Level 3 Rides – Monday May 28 and Wednesday May 30

  1. Allan Dennis says:

    Looking forward to seeing you all there on Monday! Allan

  2. Tara Wilson says:

    Hope to make both these rides

  3. Joanne says:

    I will be there for both rides. Ps I am always in for a beer!

  4. Doug Yates says:

    Hope to join for both rides.

  5. Raff Melito says:

    Have fun everyone ! Unfortunately missing both rides this week. *insert sad face here*

  6. Marianne says:

    I am resisting napping and planning to join you tonight.

  7. Tara Wilson says:

    Where we going for beer? Cobourg i presume?

  8. Mile says:

    Let’s go to Boston Pizza. It is close to our starting point

  9. Roberto says:

    In for beers 🍻🍺

  10. Jennifer Bender says:

    Hi Mike.
    I’m a new member 🙂 I’m hoping to go on tonight’s ride, pending how my day goes today. Looking forward to riding with the club.

  11. Jim Keill says:

    Hope to make the wed ride

  12. Brent Wilson says:

    I’m on my way but can’t stick around for beers

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