Level 3 ride: Monday May 21

Allan is back from his trip to BC and he will be leading this ride. The route for this ride is a shortened version of (31 km) “Its All Downhill from Here”.

Ride Leader: Allan Dennis
Start time: 6:30
Start Location: Industrial Park on Willmott Street
Route: It’s all downhill from here (shortened)


  1. Of course I’ll be there! Ready to bore you all with tales of high adventure from an epic train trip! Just be grateful that I can’t show you the pictures!!!

  2. I’ll be there if you promise to go the level 3 speed as is indicated on the NHCC website (ie 20-24km/hr on the flat). And I am looking forward to hearing all about your train tales Allan!

  3. Pam, I can assure you that we’ll stick to the posted average speeds: ie 20 -24 kmh over the length of the ride. But please note: “routes with more hills may result in a final average at the lower end of the range, while flat/downhill routes at the higher end.” This does mean that speeds may be higher than 24 kmh on the level and certainly downhill. We’ve been monitoring all the level 3 rides so far this year and non have had an average speed over the length of the ride higher than 24 kmh. Looking forward to seeing you there, promises to be a fine evening. Allan

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