Morning Ride, Friday May 4th

Randy AlbonMeet your Ride Coordinator: Randy Albon
Randy is one of the founding members of the NHCC, the one who laid down the fun-fitness-and-friendship philosophy for the Club. He has extensive cycle touring experience, volunteers with the Bicycle Action Committee of Sustainable Cobourg and is a past president of the NHCC.

This weekly event can fall on any weekday, depending on Ride Leader availability. The level of the ride is also not carved in stone. It will depend on what the participants are wanting from week to week. This first Daytime Ride of the year, will be lead by I, Randy Albon, and will likely be somewhere between level 2 and 3 considering it is so early in the year.

Looking forward to seeing you all! Please leave a comment indicating how long you might want to ride so we can start thinking about it beforehand.

Date: Friday May 4
Start time:
Ride leader: Randy Albon
Route: To be determined 
Start location: Donegan Park on D’Arcy St.


  1. June 20th my summer holidays begin and i will be all over this..until then a 2pm start time would be lovely 😉

  2. I can make a few of these but can make almost all of them end of June, July and August! Looking forward to daytime riding again!!

  3. Hi Randy. I would love to join you. Perhaps next week. A level 2/3 sounds like a great way to start the season:)

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