ALL LEVELS RIDE & SOCIAL – Wednesday, June 20th

It’s that social time again!  We had a great turn out last month so let’s repeat our venue and route.   All Levels Rides are a monthly opportunity for all NHCC members to ride together, with the option to try out one of the other levels on an out-and-back route where nobody gets lost.

There will be 4 designated pace-setters among the group, riding at each of the NHCC defined Levels (1-4). Just pick the level you want to try, and follow that pace setter to see what riding at that level really feels like. If you change your mind mid-ride, no problem, just slow down and wait for a group that’s riding at the speed you like. The All Levels Ride is ideal if you think you’d like to feel what the other levels are like without committing.

It’s easy: We ride for 45 minutes (or less depending on your Level) then turn around and head back the same way you went. This ensures everyone finishes at the same time for the optional social part where we head indoors for drinks, wings, social time and meeting others.

Time: 6:30–8:00pm (ride) 8:00-9:30pm (social)
Start location: The parking lot at Franks Pasta and Grill

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13 Responses to ALL LEVELS RIDE & SOCIAL – Wednesday, June 20th

  1. Petra says:

    Count me in. I’m happy to sweep either Level 1 or Level 2

  2. Paul says:

    I plan to fide

  3. Pam Tate says:

    I’ll be there.

  4. Jim keill says:

    I plan to attend

  5. Liz Pollack says:

    I would love to attend, but since I don’t drive (yet), I’d need a drive, with my bike, from the Warkworth area. Is there anyone that can help me out?

  6. richard Thompson says:

    I can help liz where do you want to be picked up

  7. richard Thompson says:

    sorry liz I will not be able to pick you up
    I forgot we are going out wends night

  8. richard Thompson says:

    change of plan liz if you need picking up let me know

  9. Liz Pollack says:

    Richard, That’s great! I need to ride into Warkworth to get something, so I can meet you there. Just let me know the time! Liz

  10. richard Thompson says:

    how about 5 10 pm by the fire station

  11. Liz Pollack says:


  12. Shabbir Maju says:

    My wife Sandy and I plan to be there.

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