Update Level 3 – Wednesday June 27 -35 Km.

Thanks Pam and Roberto for the head’s up on the road conditions.
The new route for Wed. is 35 Km West Bickle and North.

Ride Location: Parkette on Carlyle
Ride Start: 6:30
Ride Leader: Mike
Route Map: L3- West Bickle and North

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8 Responses to Update Level 3 – Wednesday June 27 -35 Km.

  1. Jim keill says:

    Just a reminder that Sylvan Glen is still gravel

  2. Roberto says:

    McClelland is gravel from Dale almost to the base of little Bickle Hill. A good 2km.

  3. Doug Yates says:

    I will ride weather dependent.

  4. Allan Dennis says:

    Sorry won’t make it after all this eve. Old age catching up with me again – need to rest various parts that are currently in open revolt!!! The Old Sapper.

  5. Tara Wilson says:

    I see level 1 has been cancelled..are us hardy level 3’s going out?

  6. Mike says:

    Looking at the weather app looks like rain might stop.
    At this time the ride is still on

  7. Roberto says:

    Lots of time to do 35km…even if we have to wait until 7:00 to head out. Bring lights however as you’ll need them by 8:20ish.

    Mike’s call to cancel however.

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