Level 2 Rides: Tuesday, June 26th and Thursday, June 28th

On Tuesday, Pam will lead and we will head west along Lakeshore Road, same as last week, but this time we’ll add a short (about 3km) loop on the way back right after the long and mostly downhill swoosh from the turn around point to Wesleyville Road. You know the drill…a few stops for hydration, nobody left behind, gorgeous views, great company, lots of smiles.

Tuesday, June 26th

Start Time: 6:30
Meeting Location: King’s Field, Port Hope
Ride Leader: Pam Tate

It’s back to Cobourg with Jim on Thursday, where we’ll do the Normar Road Loop to Highway 2, to Gully Road, to Danforth Road, to McEwan Road, and back onto Highway 2 to the start location. About 20 km.
This route has a couple of long but not steep hills. Two weeks ago we had no problem with the hills so I am adding another long but not steep hill. For these hills, slow and steady works very well.

Thursday, June 28th

Start Time: 6:30
Meeting Location: 210 Willmott Street (Sleep Country parking lot), Cobourg
Ride Leader: Jim Berg

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  1. Shabbir Maju says:

    Hope to join the Thursday ride with Jim.

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