Monday June 25 Rides: L2+ and L3

Level 2+
This route is  25km long.  The route has two medium climbs (one on Telephone Rd. and one on Dale) but the rest of the ride follows rolling terrain.
Ride leader: Mike McLellan
Start time: 6:30 pm
Route map: (25k) Cobourg West Printable route map or  Link on Ride with GPS
Start location: Westwood Park (on Carlisle St.)

Level 3
A steady (37Km) ride through the beautiful Shelter Valley. A gentle climb all the way up and a pleasant long steady run back down. What more could you ask for!
Start Location: St. Mary’s car-park, Lyle St South, Grafton
Time: 18:30
Route: L3 APD – Shelter Valley Breach
Ride Leader: The Old Sapper (aka Allan)

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14 Responses to Monday June 25 Rides: L2+ and L3

  1. Tara Wilson says:

    Hoping to make the level 3 ride

  2. Michelle Haney-Kikeeg says:

    Can’t ride this week at scheduled times

  3. Allan Dennis says:

    Naturally I’ll be there on Monday evening for the L3 ride. See you all then. Allan

  4. Joanne says:

    I will be there for sure!

  5. Deanna says:

    I will be out for the level 3

  6. Tara Wilson says:

    Hoping to make the monday level 3, time restraints may dictate otherwise.

  7. Shabbir Maju says:

    Hope to join the Level 2 on Monday

  8. Jennifer Louise Poole says:

    Hoping to get out tonight to ride with level 3’s. I love Shelter Valley!

  9. Doug Yates says:

    I plan on level 3 tonight.

  10. Arno Knop says:

    I will try to be there.

  11. Marianne says:

    I will try to get off the couch and over to Grafton.

  12. Freda says:

    I’ll join the 2+ group tonight.

  13. Tara says:

    Is it the car lot right off the 401??

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