THURSDAY Floater Ride: June 28

It’s a holiday weekend and we don’t want to be exposing ourselves to crazy Friday traffic so this week’s Floater Ride is on THURSDAY. Mike Collins will lead the group from Hastings and head up to Crowes Landing at Stoney Lake. It’s about 60k and light on the hills. Bring some moolah $$ for a lunch following the ride if you wish. Banjo’s, in Hastings!

Start time: 10am
Ride Leader: Mike Collins
Level of difficulty: 3
Start location: Car park near Banjo’s on the south west side of the river

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4 Responses to THURSDAY Floater Ride: June 28

  1. Anita Macklin says:

    Randy and I won’t be riding, unfortunately. However, I called Banjos to confirm they are open. Answering machine said they’ll be open till 3pm. Have a great ride everyone.

  2. Mike says:

    So L3 at 20-24 km/h for a nice ride to rack up the kilometerage with the promise of ice cream and a nice wee view of Stoney Lake at the halfway point. Forecast is for 28C so bring sun lotion and whatever hydrates you best.
    With that kind of heat, do consider your electrolytes, a banana is your friend.
    Raff cleverly had salty goodies waiting for us in the car last week so maybe give a thought to packing some recovery munchies and drinkies in your car for afterwards. Much as I hate to admit it, a cold Coke is utterly fabulous when you’ve been out for a while.
    Watch this space for weather updates though, showers may threaten.

  3. Doug Cooper says:

    I will be attending.

  4. Mike says:

    No great meteorological dramas expected, see you in Hastings.

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