Friday Floater Ride: July 13–Heading out of town, starting in Peterborough

The Friday Floater Ride is heading out of town. Starting in Peterborough at Beavermede Park, we’ll do a classic Peterborough Cycle Route, with either a 45 or a 60k option.  We will modify the official routes slightly so that everyone starts at Beavermede Park. Bring along a little $$ in case we happen to find a patio or an ice-cream joint. Preview the routes here: Route 1a – Lakes, Rivers and Cafes 45. Or, for 60km Route 1 – Lakes, Rivers and Cafes 60

Please leave a comment to let me and others know you plan to ride.

Start time: 10am
Ride Coordinator: Anita Macklin
Start location: Beavermede Park parking lot


  1. Sounds like a fun ride. I will be there.
    General question from a club newby — what is the usual practice if there is a rain forecast? (Not that there ever is.)

    • if a ride needs to be cancelled for weather reasons we’ll post a notification that you should receive in your inbox if you regularly receive emails from the Club. Or, you can check back on the website an hour or so before the ride to see if there’s been a cancellation.

  2. Just so everyone knows, I will be leading at a Level 3 pace and will do the 45km route unless I find I’m all by myself cuz y’all choose 65. Should there be any interest in riding at a faster pace (Level 4), by all means leave a comment indicating your wish, and others may wish to join you.

  3. I plan to join…prob shorter ride, haven’t been out much this season…

    Will bring club membership fee, right its my first ride with the club 🙁

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