Level 2 Rides: Tues. July 3 and Thurs. July 5

Tues. July 3, Level 2 Ride

Welcome to July and the next step up in our average speed of 17 – 18 kph.

Tonight David Hutzel will be leading us starting at St Mary school parking lot in Grafton. We’ll head down Purdy Rd through the east subdivision then past the old canning factory back to Station Rd and then south to Chub Beach. We’ll ride to the dead end of Chub Beach Rd turn around and head back to Lakeshore. Turning right we’ll stay on Lakeshore continuing to the small community of Lakeport. A little dipsy doodle in Lakeport then head back. If you had your fingers crossed hoping for hills, sorry to disappoint you, as this ride is mainly flat but with our increase in average speed and lack of hills we’ll increase our distance to @28k.

The forecast is for HEAT so it is vitally important to not only stay hydrated on our ride but also to hydrate throughout the day prior. Hint: put a water bottle in the freezer overnight, it will thaw very quickly in this weather.

Start Time: 6:30
Ride Leader: David Hutzel
Start Location: St. Mary’s Church Parking Lot, Lyle St S, Grafton

Thurs. July 5, Level 2 Ride

Geoffrey will start at Plainville Public School up in the north of the County so we can take in the country air, some lovely shaded country roads and a view of Rice Lake from Bewdley. Bring some pocket money in case of a ‘food emergency’ like the chip truck on Burnham N and Cty 9 or something in Bewdley. We will head south on Burnham N, turn right along Cavan to Bewdley, loop around Bewdley and head back the way we came. A flatish route of 22 klms so that we can up our rate to the new 17-18 average Kilometers per hour for this month.

Start Time: 6:30 pm
Ride Leader: Geoffrey Honey
Start Location: Plainville Public School Parking Lot, 4618 Burnham St N, Gore’s Landing  K0K 2E0

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  1. Petra says:

    I will attend both Tuesday and Thursday rides. Need a sweep?

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