Level 4 Rides: Tues. July 3 and Thurs July 5

 Tuesday July 3, Level 4

Rich will take folks out on a nice ‘n rolly ride around the Port Hope region! Probably looking at about 40k. It’s Level 4, so expect some speed! But just so you know….we never drop people!
Start time: 6:30pm
Sunset: 8:57pm
Ride Leader: Rich Ross
Route map: 40km route
Start location: Kings Field in Port Hope

Thursday July 5, Level 4 (44k)

Because we know y’all love Bickle Hill, Jen’s going to take you there. Approaching from the East side so it’s a little less steep.
Ride Leader: Jen Poole
Start time: 6:30
Sunset: 8:57pm
Route map: (44k) “Jens-Y-Ride” Printable route map or link on Ride with GPS
Start location: Parking lot at Cobourg Dog park on Ontario St.

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3 Responses to Level 4 Rides: Tues. July 3 and Thurs July 5

  1. Tara Wilson says:

    I’ll be there Tuesday!

  2. Tara Wilson says:

    Ummm I guess I’ll be there Thursday. Stupid Bickle

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