Level 2+ and Level 3: Monday August 20

Please RSVP if you plan to ride

Level 2+

We will head out of town to Baltimore via Darcy and then make our way back by Workman. This route is 20 km in length.

Ride Start: Donegan Park
Time: 6 pm
Ride Leader: Mike

Level 3

The route for this ride is a mystery that only Allan knows. It should be good!

Ride Start: Saint Mary’s Church parking lot Grafton
Time: 6pm
Ride Leader: Allan
Route: TBD


  1. OK lets not leave this L3 ride a mystery too much longer! Can’t cope with the stress. In rough outline our route will take in parts of: Sheltervalley Road, Vernonville Road, Telephone Road, Colbourne and the lakeshore. 40ish Kms. Elevation about 300m. Its listed on Ride With GPS as: L3 APD – Peripatetic Petard. Looking forward to seeing all y’all there. Regards. The Old Sapper

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